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Oh Boy...

So I am often the worst blogger. I know this. I don't mind saying it. Honesty is key, right?

I went to Australia to visit my boyfriend, then we flew to New Zealand to visit his family and see the countryside. We're engaged!!

I wanted to share a few photos from the trip, just a quick rundown of some of the highlights.

In Australia we took pictures of our matching cat shirts. We are kind of awesome.




There's a beautiful river that cuts through the city of Hamilton (where Phil is from). There's some parks along the riverside.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Yes, please.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Hamilton, New Zealand

Hamilton, New Zealand

We went on a road trip in NZ to this rabbit farm called the Shearing Shed!

New Zealand Road Trip

The country side was so gorgeous.

Angora Rabbit

The bunnies were cute too!! Phil bought me some angora fiber to spin something nice for myself. I'm so excited!!

I have tons more photos to upload still and there are lots more to see on flickr. You can browse through some of them here:


I'm working hard on an etsy shop update! I will post more information on that soon.

Talia Christine


  1. YAY!! How exciting!! Congratulations! Have you guys set a date yet?

  2. That's an excellent beard you're marrying my friend. Well done.
    You know I'm always proud of you.

  3. cute photos! i found you through a comment on elsie's blog - i'm in texas, too :)

  4. Sorry Talia, I went-a-stalkin' AWESOME MATCHING CAT SHIRTS!!! Do you still have them?


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