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Busy Bee

I've been a busy little bee lately and I haven't even made a dent in my to-do list! I have a million ducks to get in a row for the big day.

That's a lot of ducks.

To keep myself motivated and to keep from forgetting anything, I found a giant dry-erase board to keep me company:

So cute!

I've already crossed a few things off and I'm so pleased! List, just so you know, you will not conquer me.


DIY weddings are a lot of fun and a lot of work! I'm planning vintage/tea theme for the centerpieces. I'm in love with tea parties!!

source: weheartit


To go along with the tea pot themed center pieces I found some white doilies. A bit too white if you ask me. I want to try and stain them with coffee to give them an aged look.

Wish me luck!

And just so you know, I LOVE YOU!

Talia Christine


  1. ohmygoodness. are you getting married?! with a vintage/tea theme? ahhhhh! i lovee it alreadyyyy

  2. lovely! i hope everything turns out the way you want!

  3. Yay....so funnny I logged in & was so confused bc I thought I already commented bc of the other rachel! But I havent....so I have to say yay!!!! I love your theme...so cute!!!! How is it going? Katy did vintage plates as her wedding favor....I will have to tell her about your cute plans!


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