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14 Days...

...Until we get married!!

The countdown is ticking and we are getting closer day by day. (Each feels like an eternity!)

My dress is in.
Phil has his suit. (He looks super handsome).
We have our shoes.
I think I decided how I want to do my hair.
We finally found the perfect brown tie for him. Can you believe we could not find a brown tie anywhere?? We looked high and low.

Just about all our ducks are in a row. We still have to finish packing my things and weighing them to ship overseas, but we are close. Oh we are very very close!

One of the things are are still planning and working on is our upcoming road trip after the wedding! We are driving up to Canada and back and I am sooooooo excited! I CAN'T WAIT!

I love road trips. I LOVE THEM!

I am counting down!

Talia Christine

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