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Yard Sale: Conquered!!

Dear Yard Sale,
We powered through. You have been conquered.

Yard Sale Moving Sign

This weekend was so hectic and the outcome so rewarding! I love yard sales and really had no idea how much work went into putting a yard sale together. We were out from morning till evening on Friday and Saturday and it was a complete success!! It was hard at first to go through all my things and prepare to let them go, but in the end it was good to let things go and mentally prepare for our new lives in New Zealand.

Our preparations began the week before as we made tons of trips back and forth from my storage unit pulling out my things and sorting through them. Phil and the boys loaded all the furniture up and out. Phil and I tagged and put prices on everything. Our work was cut out for us and we were ready to get the garage sale going and behind us. We put up signs. We put up ads. We put up a listing on Craig's list and started to cross our fingers.

Yard Sale Day
Day 1: Feeling optimistic and ready to go!

We woke up bright and early and lugged out all of my worldly possessions onto the lawn. Before we could even finish pulling stuff out onto the lawn people were already swarming in! And let me tell you people... yard-salers are animals. Yikes. I had no idea! Nobody warned me!!

Yard Sale DayYard Sale Day
Yard Sale Day

The lovely Miss Ashtin Paige stopped by too! She brought us slushies and hugs and bought a few things too! Thanks, Ashtin! Those slushies were a life saver! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Yard Sale Day

In the end we sold almost everything. The only big items that were left were some large bookshelves, which we may keep here at my mom's house. It was incredible! I was blown away by the success of the yard sale. We were truly blessed. This was a huge answer to prayer.


Here are my two favorite pictures of the day. My two favorite helper boys!!
Boots and Phil:


We made it through! We are still recovering.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!

Talia Christine

Yard Sale Day


  1. Thanks for the update already, really glad that it went well.

  2. Ah! Too fun! We just had a huge yard sale as well, and it also went great! Guess its yard sale season! lol! Love the new cuteness of your blog!


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