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Deer Friends

I'd like to introduce some dear friends of ours:

We had a run in with a little group of deer at the Overman's lake house a few weeks ago. We had brought some carrots along for the trip in hopes of seeing some deer. I was too scared to feed them up close (so I threw them from the balcony) but Mr. van der Wel was brave enough to hand feed some of them and grab a few beautiful photos!

Photos by Mr. van der Wel. Editing by me.

Talia Christine

P.S. --

"MMM!" - Jane Doe


  1. So beautiful! I always love their sweet 'faces' with the big eyes and long lashe

  2. Oh me too! I love their eyelashes and sweet faces. Even though there are lots of deer around here, I still get excited when I see them.

    Talia Christine

  3. wow, they are so beautiful! i love the eyelashes :)

  4. Oh hey little guy! I love these!


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