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I am

This morning I woke up very early due to some painful cramps. My body ached and I couldn't sleep. I angrily and carefully got out of bed and went downstairs for some pain killers, a cup of tea, and to throw myself a pity party. As I sat downstairs with Bieow Bieow on my lap I checked my email in silence and felt pretty sorry for myself. I looked through the photos of our road trip and enjoyed the not-so-distance memories we shared on the road. My cramps weren't as bad. I began to miss Phil. I walked back up stairs to find my husband sleeping peacefully. I sure love him a lot. I climbed back into bed and curled up next to him. As I lay there drifting back off to sleep I kept thinking, "Cramps or not, I am the luckiest girl alive."

(photo of Phil sleeping on our road trip)

It's true. I am the luckiest girl alive.



  1. That's so awesome, there is nothing better in the world than snuggling up next to you love when feeling crappy!!

  2. It's so true! I love these moments.



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