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Our things have arrived

We got the finally email on Thursday night telling us our shipment was officially ready for pickup in Auckland. I was beyond excited! Oh, to have my spinning wheel again! We made the arrangements to borrow a work van and to drive up the next day to Auckland. We also made plans to have KFC for lunch (MY FAVE!) and to stop for ice cream in Pokeno. It was a celebration after all.

We hit the road around 9 and right out of the gate we had van troubles. Ah! Of all times! We drove it to Dad-In-Law's work to have the boys investigate what was going on. While we're there and walking about I couldn't help but snap a few photos of Phil.


After half an hour and a cup of hot chocolate we were on our way!

After a good long drive, we were finally there! We had arrived at the shipping gate. We paid our dues and made our way towards the terminal where our stuff was being stored. We were told to wait a few minutes and that our stuff would be right out. We waited and I considered snapping a few photos and whether or not I would be told not to take photos. Hmm, ...
There were security cameras.
I had only just decided against it and there it was. A forklift was bringing our pallet of goods! Everything looked pretty good! At last! The only thing that was slightly worse for wear was a plastic tub that held alot of my yarn stash. It was smashed up pretty good, actually. Don't worry though, all the yarn inside was safe and sound.

After a few minutes of dumb grinning, we started packing it all into the van for the haul home. It didn't take long and we were on our way! We did it!

Shipping all my things from Texas to New Zealand safely seems like a small miracle. I am overjoyed to have my things and now I'm slightly overwhelmed to unpack it all. At the moment, everything is scattered in our small rooms in boxes with small paths to and from the door but for now I am happy and glad it got here safe.

What an adventure it is.

Talia Christine


  1. The Lord is good.

  2. i am excited no end for you!!
    this will help you feel so much more at home here :) xo

  3. Sweet!! What crafty thing are you going to work on first?


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