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Happy Birthday Week: Tuesday and Wednesday

If you've never celebrated your birthday week, you are really missing out. I have the best husband and the coolest friends anyone could ever ask for. Seriously I do. Just ask anyone ;)


My actual birthday day!

My incredible husband went in with some family and bought me a stand for my loom!!! Yes, you heard right. I now have my dream stand for my Ashford rigid heddle loom. It's gorgeous and NZ made. It's just the bare wood and Phil is going to stain it for me. Amazing!!!

It has room for the shuttles and it's at the perfect angle so my back wont hurt. No more sitting on the living room floor when I'm weaving something up! Love love love!!! This was the biggest surprise! I had no idea! Thank you Husband and family. You are simply the BEST!!!
I am blessed to have you.

Jess also stopped by on Tuesday for a surprise visit. She came bearing gifts and brought me some balloons!

She brought me the most gorgeous mini-cupcakes. They are soooo yummy! I love how little and cute they are! I've eaten a couple in one sitting. Don't judge me. It's my birthday week.

Inside the wrapped gifts were two pieces of gorgeous fabric.

Aren't they divine?? I squealed when I saw them. I looove crafty gifts and have already been brainstorming on what I could use the fabric on.


Wednesday I came home from work to find this little gorgeous package waiting for me.

And I find minty hot chocolate mix inside!!

I had mentioned loving the minty-chocolate combo a few days ago and wanting some minty hot chocolate but not having any. Can you believe this girl? Sweet as pie. She's a real keeper.

I am spoiled and I am loved.

Thank you all for your birthday lovin!

Talia Christine


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