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Spending My Birthday Monies

(Or How I Manage To Spoil Myself Rotten:)

My mom and my grandma sent me some birthday cash to spend on myself for my birthday. And boy did I ever spend it yesterday.

I had a birthday list of things I have been dreaming about and made a beeline for the top two things on my list.

Battlestar Gallactica and LUSH.

I went to the local dvd store to find my beloved dvd series and found what I wanted on sale! Buy 2 seasons get 1 free. Now how can I argue with that when I have birthday monies? So I spoiled myself and got three times as much as I had planned for.
They suckered me in big time.

Next stop was LUSH handmade cosmetics. We have Lush in the states and I'm a big fan. Okay, it's expensive, and some of the stuff I can make myself (I make handmade soap and handmade bath fizzies) but their stuff is amazing! When I walked into the store I could smell all these gorgeous familiar scents. They remind me of going on road trips with my sister and buying loads of our favorite Lush items.

This trip was no exception! Look what I picked up!

Bohemian Soap
This soap is soooo so gorgeous and smells so citrusy. Like real lemons, none of that fake stuff. This stuff is my fave and doesn't dry me out like regular bar soap. YUM!

Buffy is an exfoliating solid body butter. You rub it on when you're in the shower and rinse off. It's soooo moisturizing. It's like a yummy treat for your skin. This is a favorite of mine and I've purchased it several times. I'm so happy to find it again in New Zealand!

Strawberry Feels Forever
This is probably my favorite out of the bunch. This is a massage bar, basically like solid lotion. It melts on your skin and you rub it in. This stuff is heavenly. I love the shape of it and how it fits in my hand. If I only bought one thing from Lush this would be it.

You can check out all the yummy Lush stuff here! Careful, there's lots of amazing things on that site. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Talia Christine


  1. I LOVE BATTLE STAR GALACTICA SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I get sad when I think its not on tv anymore

  2. Spending birthday money is always the best! I've never used handmade soap, I'll have to try some one of these days.


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