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This morning I've been a busy bee. I don't have work for the rest of the week so I'm able to catch up on a few things I've been wanting to do!

I resized the vintage dress we picked up at the church rummage sale.
I made a pumpkin pie.
I finally put away all our clean laundry.
I sewed up Phil's jean pockets (they had holes in them).

Today was a very productive day.

The greatest part though, was the surprise ring of the doorbell. One of the ladies at church (who also shares the same last name as me) stopped by to bring me pounds and pounds of wool!


She used to be a spinner herself but has taken to felting since her spinning wheel broke. The wool has been in storage a long time and she wanted to see it go to a good home.


I'm so excited! The wool came from their sheep they raised and I'm looking forward to spinning some up. All of it is undyed in its natural colours. Yum.


I forsee alot of woolen things in my future.

Talia Christine


  1. Thanks, Crystal! I'm pretty excited about it.

  2. What a blessing!!! She is so thoughtful!
    looks like you are all set for awhile. =-)

  3. How exciting for you!!
    you forgot to mention...there was FINALLY some sun today!! haha.
    can't wait to see what beautiful things emerge from this wool. xo

  4. Dee, I was SOOO excited about the sun today! We had all the windows open today. I wore a DRESS and no shoes. It was incredible. Here's to more days like this.



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