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My New Dress

Remember this dress I found at a garage sale?
Dress Before

I got this dress and a handful of other things for 5 bucks! It was a major score.
Upon closer inspection, the vintage dress I had found was definitely handmade! Bonus!
I love that someone chose the fabric for it and made it from scratch. I like the fact that it lives on and is still appreciated.

Dress Before

Because the dress was far too big and needed to be resized, I planned to take in 2-4 inches on each side. I loved the neckline though and decided to leave it alone. The dress was also a bit too long so I decided to shorten the dress and hem it to give it a more modern look.
With my plans set and scissors in hand, I jumped into action.

Dress Before
Sewing DressSewing Dress
Sewing Dress

The dress only took about 15-20 minutes of quick measuring and sewing to make it fit the way I wanted.

I love the way it turned out!

Finished Dress
Finished Dress

It fits really well and looks great with a belt!
I think I found my new favorite dress--just in time for Spring.

Talia Christine

P.S. - I'm falling in deep love with my new fringe. It has taken a bit of getting used to, but I am a huge fan now.


  1. Wow - love the dress and your fringe!! I need to go thrifting!!

  2. niiIIce recon :)
    (I felt exactly the same with my fringe. am nervous about how it's going to cope with humid hamilton weather though....how many times a day is it safe to re-straighten hair??!!)

  3. The dress looks great! And I really love your hair!

  4. @PaiselyJade, Thanks!

    @Dee, I try and convince myself not to straighten my fringe but I can't help it. Although once I straighten it with a straightener my fringe is good for about 3 days. (Clearly I don't wash my hair enough.)

    @Diane, Thank you very much! I cut my hair myself. I have since I was 14.


  5. I wish I was as handy with a sewing machine as you are! I had a dress similar to what you turned that one into stolen from my car two years ago..have yet to find a replacement..but if I could MAKE a replacement and have it work out, that would be amazing.

    You are amazing. =)


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