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Torn Between Two Seasons

After reading all these American blogs and hearing about the weather cooling, apple and pumpkin and pecan pie, and hot apple cider... I'm really missing Autumn right about now.

Pumpkin Pie
Photo source and recipe

Warm pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream on top...

the smell of leaves in the fall...

Then it hit me.

Because I moved to New Zealand in the middle of a hot American summer... I missed fall this year! Noooooo!!!

Fall is my favorite.

On one hand, I'm really missing all the yummy fall traditions. I was robbed! On the other hand, I'm really ready for some warmer weather. I'm ready for spring. I'm torn between longing for two different seasons.

I'm excited to wear dresses again and not be bundled up constantly. I'm excited for the change in seasons.

But who says your can't enjoy a pumpkin pie in spring?

Talia Christine

Image source: weheartit (unless otherwise noted)


  1. Sorry you're missing Autumn (fall) but I am so ready for spring! Right now it feels like Winter, brrr!

  2. It does feel like winter! It is sooooo cold today! I'm ready for warmer weather too.

    I'm just in two minds about missing fall this year!

    <3 Talia


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