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A Very Special Baby Blanket

I have been working on knitting a baby blanket for my sister Jaime who is expecting her first in January. She is having a boy! Dylan James Overman. I can't wait to cuddle him and nibble on his tiny fingers and toes.

I love you, baby Dylan!

Here is your very first birthday present.

Baby Blanket
Baby BlanketBaby Blanket

I caught Basil in an embarassing moment while taking photos of the blanket. Just thought I would share.

Baby Blanket

The blanket was hand knit with love and 100% New Zealand machine washable wool.

I have another project in the works for baby Dylan. It's amazing. Just you wait and see.

Talia Christine


  1. Baby Dylan is going to love this sweet blanket made with love by the hands of his wonderful, sweet auntie!! Can't wait to see it myself!
    You are awesome and we miss you.

  2. Congrats! It looks really good! I wish I knew how to knit ... or sew.

    Haha, love your cat >*.*<


  3. so simple and so beautiful!
    i can tell you were struggling for some daylight in these pics...hasn't the weather been so depressing?!
    AND, so sorry about the Fabric and Wool markets today.....did you make it there (only to find the handwritten sign on the door?.../sigh)
    Have a great week, xo

  4. Awesome job, Talia! I haven't knit (knitted?) for ages, but I crochet when I find some extra time. Of course, I have 8 kids so that doesn't happen very often. :o I LOVE making soft things for babies, tho. Doesn't it give you just the best feeling? Baby Dylan is a lucky guy to have an aunt like you. Something tells me you will spoil him through the years.

  5. Dee: I was so bummed when I realized that the fabric and wool market was closed! I was really hoping to score some fabric at a good price so I can make myself a dress. Ah well, I'll keep my eyes peels for good deals.

  6. I cannot wait to cuddle our little one in his favorite blanket!!! Thank you so much for the time and love you put into this gift :)



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