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Certificate of Bravery

Yesterday I had to get some blood work done before my next midwife appointment. Pregnancy really does have it's perks. Before I go on, let me explain that I have an almost insurmountable, illogical, terrible fear of needles. I have never given blood. I won't get blood tests. I'm just too scared. That was, I wouldn't before I was pregnant. I would do anything to make sure baby is healthy.

Because of this, I was forced with going to get blood tests ALL BY MYSELF aaaaaaand (here's the best part) I DIDN'T CRY!

Did you hear that mom? I got blood taken! AND I didn't cry!! (I wanted to though)

The lady gave me a certificate of bravery to show to Phil when he got home from work to show him that I was such a brave girl.


I think I did pretty well. The Lord gave me some pretty unexpected strength when I needed it and I overcame a huge fear of mine! (well, still working on it. Baby steps.)

Talia Christine


  1. haha, that is great! I know how you feel. I hate needles. no fun. :/

  2. Yay Boonie!!!!
    This was a big deal for you and I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!
    The Lord is faithful to hold our hands and get us through the worst of things if we only ask Him.

    yay for you, what a big step you took!

  3. That's so cute Talia. I LOVE that they have certificates to give out!

  4. I just stumbled on your page and this post screamed out at me. While I don't hate needles in general (I'm heavily tattooed), I still have a HUGE fear of giving blood... makes me feel uneasy just thinking about it and makes me pass out, which I can't stand. I'm hoping when we have a baby I'll be able to get all the blood work done ok also. Congrats and good luck to you on this!


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