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Oh Christmas Tree

I realize it's been ages since I've done any sort of consistent blogging, but to be fair, I've been feeling like a piece of cheese. I have a few posts planned and plan on trying getting more updates out there now that I am starting to sorta kinda feel better from time to time. xoxo

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Me and Phil got our very first Christmas tree together. It's actually Phil's first Christmas tree, as in ever. I am so glad we are bringing this tradition into our home! Celebrating Christmas as a family is very important to me. I have such fond memories as a kid of decorating our Christmas tree as a family while listening to Nat King Cole sing Christmas carols. Simply the best.

We decided we wanted to get a live tree and I'm so glad because I loooove how they smell! Oh my. Fresh Christmas trees smell so good! It smells like happy.


We went down to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our perfect tree. There were so many! It was quite the task as most of the picture perfect ones were already tagged or taken.


After searching and searching we finally found the perfect tree.



My manly Mr. van der Wel chopped it down without any help. He's pretty good at stuff. I love him. A lot.


Then we brought it back to our cute little car to take our tree home. I love the holidays!


Disclaimer: It is really strange trying to adjust to the fact that it's summer here during Christmas. It doesn't entirely feel like Christmas to me because it's so warm. But I will admit that searching for a Christmas tree and not being super freezing is kind of nice. Still, it will take some time for me to adjust entirely.

Talia Christine


  1. what car are you guys driving?Is that a vw?

  2. I would LOVE to be getting a Christmas tree in a dress. Rather than 72 layers and still freezing cold. I'm pretty jealous of your snowless ground; although it wouldn't really feel like Christmas if it wasn't freezing outside. But I'm still a little jealous =]

  3. It is nice to start new traditions as a family! We're going to try and do something with just our wee family on Christmas day ... thinking a visit to the beach.

  4. What a lovely tree, if we didn't have such bas allergies I would love to try a real tree, but for now my fake tree with some pine room spray works ")

  5. Oh Tal, these are precious pictures of you two picking out your first tree!! Your little baby bump is precious too.

    Seeing how well the Mr. is taking care of you brings tears to my eyes!! sigh...

  6. @Tobias: No, it's not a VW, it's a 1980 Honda Civic! A classic.

    @Larissa: ha! That's exactly how I feel! It's nice! buuuut it doesn't feel like Christmas, but it's still nice. I have very conflicted emotions about it.

    @Courtney: The pine air freshener is sooo nice! That's a good call. I should keep an eye out for some here.


  7. "...been feeling like a piece of Cheese..."

    Such a classic van der Wel thing to say!!

    Truely part of the family. Yay.


  8. just started reading and thought i'd say hello. last year we chopped our own christmas tree and it was so much fun!

  9. talia, where did you get the purse you're wearing in these photos?! i love it. you guys are adorable :)


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