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Christmas Is HEEEERE

Well Christmas is just about here anyway! I can't believe how FAST Christmas snuck up on me! I am working like a maniac trying to finish Phil's Christmas present on time. Since I was a wee little kid, I always made Christmas presents. I guess I never grew out of it, because I've always made my family's Christmas presents year after year. I just love putting time and care into something handmade for someone. It brings me a special joy.

mmmmm yarn

Here is a sneak peek of Phil's present. I hand carded merino wool and hand spun the wool into this yarn. I'm so excited. It's a big project and I like how it is turning out. I hope Mr. van der Wel likes it!!

Also, here is a picture of Mistar the neighbor cat just because he is so darn cute.


I keep our front door open (for a nice breeze) which has net curtains over the door to keep flies out. It works wonders but it doesn't keep cats out. Mistar just strolls in like he owns the place. Honestly I don't mind and I let him because I miss having a cat friend around. I realize that is ridiculous and mildly psychotic but I sorta don't care. I love cats. He just jumps on the couch next to me and snoozes on my lap. So cute!

I thought that by getting married it would save me from being a crazy cat lady. Now I'm just a married crazy cat lady.

It happens.

Talia Christine


  1. I always love reading your blogs, and I look forward to them. (I'm kinda sad that I don't see one every day...hint, hint...) :) Thanks for making me smile!


  2. @Mackenzie: That's probably the coolest thing I've heard today! Now that I'm feeling better with the Bean I'll definitely try to post more often! :)


  3. I totally know how it is making gifts and running out of time. Birthdays, Christmas, whatever, I always find myself running around last minute realizing I have like half a day to finish my gift. xD Hope ya had a Merry X-mas!

    <3 Deanna


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