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Hot Chocolate Emergency

I've heard that necessity is the mother of invention but this morning I learned the true meaning of that phrase. The morning started off the same as any other morning. I slept in a bit, meandered through the kitchen (and somehow misplaced my cell phone in the pantry), then moseyed on over to the computer to see if my sister was online. Then it hit me like a sack of flour. I needed hot chocolate. I don't really know where the craving came from nor could I explain how intense this NEED for hot chocolate was. All I can tell you was that if I didn't get hot chocolate, and fast, I might have died this very morning.

Anyway, we didn't have any hot chocolate mix in the house so naturally I panicked and cried like a hungry angry baby until I remembered that I did have a few key ingredients on hand. The end result was hands down the best hot chocolate I've ever had. Maybe it was just because any hot chocolate would do. Maybe it was just because it wasn't made from a pre-packaged mix. Either way, I'm excited to make more of this in the future because it was so simple.

Home Made Hot Chocolate

I don't exactly have a recipe because (sorry, Grandma) I never ever measure anything. Measuring stuff takes way too much time and this was a legit emergency. One day I'll painstakingly take the time to get the proper measurements and write them down but today is not that day. So here is what I did, a guide if you will, for yummy hot chocolate:

I only made enough for one (waste not, want not) so I measured out a mug-full of milk and poured it into a small pan. I added a handful of milk chocolate chips. I'm sure white or dark chocolate would work as well but I was going for the classic. I whisked it constantly as the milk heat up because I didn't want the milk or chocolate to burn on the bottom on the pan. I added a bit of cinnamon, probably 1/4 teaspoon or so, and juuuuust a pinch of salt.

I'm telling you this hot chocolate was perfect. It was really yummy.

I called Phil to tell him of my amazing discovery and then he reminded me that we DID have hot chocolate. Haha. Ah well.

Talia Christine

P.S. - Merry Christmas Eve to this side of the world! (Sorry, USA, that's tomorrow for you folks. We're already having fun over here.)


  1. Wow, that IS simple! I have a homemade recipe that my mom used to make for us growing up, but it makes a HUGE amount. It is delicious, but I hardly make it because it goes to waste. This is perfect, and just what I needed! I can't wait to try it! Thanks! :)

  2. Ok, you are not going to believe this, but I made your hot chocolate last night and it taste JUST like the kind I grew up with!!!! <3 I'm so excited!!! You are amazing, Talia! :D

  3. Although this made for an awesome story, I feel compelled to share with the general audience that it was only _based_ on a true story.

    I shall recount the true story as pregnancy brain is proven to cause short term memory loss.

    She did wake up and the part about the cell phone and pantry is true. But, there was a very real reason why she wanted hot chocolate. You see, the sister (me) WAS online when she checked to see if I was around, and I happened to be bragging about the delicious hot chocolate mix that a coworker had brought! She was very jealous and sad, and like a good sister, I teased her that she couldn't have any. Alas, my teasing soon ended because she found the ingredients needed to make her own.

    Don't mean to call ya out sis, but I do feel a little credit is due since I was a little bit of the protagonist here :)

    Happy hot chocolate drinking to all

  4. Darn you! Now I want some hot chocolate. That will help with the laundry, right?



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