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I love our little Christmas tree.

It's simple and sweet. We don't have many ornaments so I wrapped the tree in ribbon left over from our wedding decorations and I really like how it looks. Thursdays we have been getting together with our friends Dave and Jean and have been making home made ornaments to fill our trees. It's so much fun!

Here's a peek of the ornaments we've been making!

Christmas Horse

This is my very favorite favorite ornament. Phil made it! It's "The Christmas Horse". I know horses don't have much to do with Christmas but it is so cute!! I started making the ornament and I only got as far as putting beads on the rope to be feet before I gave up. Phil came and made the rest of it. I love it!!!

Christmas Horse


I made some holly and a little Christmas tree with a star button on top. I haven't made ornaments since I was a kid! It's so fun.

Tree Ornament

Phil made the star for the top of the tree and it's amazing. Best star ever.

The Star

I'm so in love with all our ornaments! The Christmas Horse is still my favorite.

Talia Christine


  1. What a precious thing to do together!!!
    I love these decorations! Yes, I have to admit, the horse really is my favorite one, its so cool.
    That Phil has done it AGAIN.
    Where is the chandelier he put up?

  2. oh my gosh! your christmas horse ornamate is SO CUTE! as if the rest of your tree..


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