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The Bean: Week 14


I can't believe how fast this is going!

I feel like my pregnancy is flying by! I'm afraid that if I blink baby will be here and my life forever changed. I'm savoring the last moments before our world is turned upside down by a sweet tiny new life in our arms.

I'm slowly getting over the nausea but there are still times when I feel like I haven't made any progress at all. Like the other night when Phil just wanted to heat up a hamburger and I almost threw up everything I ever ate. (Sorry, Love.) I just closed the door to the kitchen and sat in the hallway and cried. It wasn't pretty. But there are other moments when I feel great and I start to forget that I was ever nauseous (almost). I feel pretty human again. Right now I feel like a million bucks!

My clothes are already fitting tighter. I can't wear any of my pretty high waisted skirts because the baby bump is too small to look cute and too big to hide, so I just end up looking fat. It's weird. I feel like I've already gained a million pounds! I feel like a monster, but yesterday I weighed myself and I'm only 114. I've only gained 4 pounds this entire pregnancy. You've got to be kidding me. My tummy looks huge. My sister laughs at me and says, "Oooh just you wait." (She is 33 weeks pregnant.) Ack.

What I'm craving: Oddly enough... Lemons!! I hate sour stuff!! I can't staaaand sour stuff! I get goosebumps just thinking about sour stuff or watching someone eat something sour. Well... I did hate sour stuff, but now I can't get enough lemons. I think they are amazing! When I go out I keep a small tupperware container of sliced lemons. When I'm home I have a plate of them next to me all day. I can't get enough lemons. Weird, right?! I told my sister of my strange (and only) craving and it's the only craving she had too. It must be in our genes.

We heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday and it was magical! It was a moment of pure relief for me. A wave of relief just washed over me as we heard the strong, steady, quick heartbeat of our little Bean. I had a sonogram very early on, about six weeks in, because I had some bleeding and we assumed we were losing the Bean. The baby was fine at the time, but I haven't seen or heard from the little one since, so I've been very nervous to hear the heartbeat. It was so reassuring. Our little one is going strong! So amazing, hey? What a miracle.

Talia Christine


  1. be careful. Lemons can do terrible damage to your teeth if you suck on them throughout the day. Chew some sugar free gum in between. Deep wisdom of the month.

  2. What a wonderful blog this is, to read and feel a part of it all these many miles away!!
    Precious little Beansie is coming along quietly while making himself enough room in there....looks like elastic is the way to go for awhile. hee hee
    im glad you are beginning to have some good days without any nausea. Don't become a sourpuss from all the lemons!

  3. Just came across your blog and its so cute. I craved sour with both of my boys. So maybe your having a boy? Enjoy your pregnancy. It does go by so so fast.

  4. Glad you heard a nice strong heart-beat. I had a MW appt yesterday and was relived to hear it also ... I hadn't really felt any movement (or had been too busy too) so I was a bit worried. He/she is making up for it tonight though - such a special thing.
    Interesting craving ... i had gerkins (which i usually dislike strongly) but only for the first 10 weeks or so ... my first preg I was eating them with everything, including marshmallows and cashews.

  5. Congrats on da baby! And I love your blog! See ya around new friend!

    Raised By Wolves

  6. Ah! Week 14! 1/3 there! I remember one night when I was pregnant with Levi. I was hungry for one thing, so I made it. Then I tasted it and it made me sick. So I tried something else. Same thing... By the fourth try, I finally got some food down, and I was a sad, soggy, weepy mess.


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