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Garage Sale Finds

Last weekend the Mister and I went garage saleing around Hamilton. We were pretty late to the game because we felt like sleeping in. That's pretty much bad news when it comes to garage sales, but this time we struck gold!

Vintage Sheets

I found these pretty matching vintage flat sheets that are in EXCELLENT condition. I plan on using the fabric to make something pretty, but I can't decide what I'll use it for just yet.

I love using vintage sheets for making quilts and dresses. We'll just have to see what the sheet wants to be made into!

... AND THEN ...

Owl and Deer

We got these little beauties.

A little fact for you: The first thing I do when I'm at a garage sale is run to see if they have any little vintage trinkets or figurines. I'm obsessed with little owls, deer, and cats. Unfortunately, I can never find them.

When we got to this particular sale I, like always, ran to the trinkets area. There were figurines... but no deer. No owls. I sort of forgot my manners and made a sad face stating that I was looking for deer or owls. "Deer or owls you say?" the little British lady (who was having the garage sale) said, "Hold on". And then she ran inside her house! She came out a minute later, panting for breath and handed me the deer and the littler owl. She said she didn't need them. They were just sitting ona shelf collecting dust. I almost died right there! She sold us the figurines and some sort of wrench or tool for Phil (Sorry, Phil, I forgot what it is called) for 4 dollars. SO STOKED!!!

The larger owl figurine was a present from Phil while I was in the States. He found it at a market. I love it so much! It's actually a salt shaker.
Best. Salt shaker. Ever. (Best husband ever)

Sigh. Garage sale happiness.

Talia Christine


  1. I love those sheets! So pretty!

    I have a question, did I see Mr. Van der Wel at Parachute Music Festival a few weekends back? I am not sure if it was him, but from your pictures it looked like it could have been!

  2. @ngaiomay: EEE!!! Probably!! He played a song with All Left Out on Friday night, led the ukulele orchestra on Sunday and played a song with Seabird that afternoon. I wish I could have been there, but I was in Texas at the time. Doh!!


    P.S. - So excited that you might have spotted Mr. van der Wel. Did he have a moustache?? He is currently growing his out.

  3. Yes it was him!! I was playing my purple ukulele at the Ukulele orchestra! That's when I spotted him and couldn't figure out why he looked kind of familiar. I then figured it out! Yes he did have the moustache, that's how I recognised him!

    I have to say, I may be just a wee bit jealous that he got to hang out with Seabird!

    Oh my goodness, small world! xx

  4. You've made such great finds! Loving the little ornaments - so cute! I just discovered your blog via Elsie's Beautiful Mess. What an adorable little corner you have here :) I must come visit you again!

    xxx mervi

  5. Hi! New follower here... :) Found you via A Beautifyl Mess and Elsie's right...you DO have a great blog! Can't wait to read more of your adventures and your creativity.


  6. Also found you via A Beautiful Mess, BTW.

    Love those trinkets! I do the same thing, but I'm always scrambling for peacocks, be it plates, tablecloths, or figurines. The same goes for sock monkeys - I never had one as a kid, so I'm going nuts about collecting them now!


  7. Wow! They are the cutest finds! You are so lucky! Any owl find is so very special. I have a little meme over at my blog where everyone shares their thrify/garage sale finds. I would love you to pop over and join in. http://herlibraryadventures.blogspot.com/2011/02/flea-market-finds.html
    Loving your blog! It's so sweet!
    Sophie x

  8. wow that is amazing about the figurines!! They are super sweet!


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