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We are...

It's starting to hit me in a big way: nesting.

All of a sudden I need to get my house in order and decorated. It's the weirdest thing. And honestly, we still aren't totally unpacked from when we moved into our house aaaannd some of my clothes might still be in suitcases. Kind of embarassing. I know.

I have a list a mile long of things I want to do. I'm dying to repaint the craft room and get some art up on the walls! I need to separate my winter and summer and pre-pregnancy clothes. I want to cook a bunch of frozen meals in preparation for the Bean's arrival. I want to set up little nooks around the house with our little personal touches.

I want our house to look awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm (sorta) on rest at the moment and I'm not supposed to be walking around a lot so it has slowed my nesting progress quite a bit. BUT that doesn't mean that ideas are whirling around in my head! I've started decorating bits here and there and, though the progress is slow, I am loving it.

Love and Lace

My vision involves decorating on the cheap and using vintage and up-cycled items. It is totally changing my way of looking at things and seeing how I could potentially use them to decorate our home or make them into something new. The Mister is also very good at this and has great vision for old things. My goodness, I love that man.

What are some ways that you've decorated your living space?

Talia Christine


  1. Most of our funiture was found or were gifts from people trading up. We have a pair of vintage Steel Case chairs that were pulled out of a church dumpster, they look like new and are our dining room chairs now!

  2. I really want to decorate too! lately I have been wanting to completely redecorate my bedroom! I want to put vintage pictures on the walls and ceramic pots with pretty plants on my windowsill.

  3. I really like the fabric love idea :)

  4. man, i love the scrabble thing!!1 chris and i LOVE TO play scrabble!! i might kinda steal that idea from you :) you're so creative!

  5. I am nesting too!!! The nuggets due March 20th and the nursery is almost done. Pennant banners galore :P

  6. @Franky: I LOVE that you guys are so thrifty in all aspects of your life. You guys are such an inspiration.

    @Kaitlyn: Thanks! I've adjusted it a little since I took a picture and I snipped off the excess and I love it so much more now.

    @Cassie: Congrats, Darlin! That's SO exciting!!



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