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Things I'm Excited About

I've gotten a few commissions out of the blue and I'm so excited! Here's what I'm working on:

The curtains that I've been commissioned to make for a friend--I love sewing custom things! Here is a sneak peek at the gorgeous fabric.
Curtain Fabric
(Seriously, I'm so excited to see the finished curtains! I can't wait.)

This gorgeous alpaca fleece that I've been tasked with scouring, carding, and spinning into yarn. Okay, so it's not really a quick buck (or much of a buck at all), but it's basically my dream job. You mean I get to play with alpaca fiber AND get paid for it? Why, yes! Please!
Alpaca Fleece
Alpaca Fleece


Talia Christine


  1. that fabric is gorgeous!! also you should know that the word i had to type in to get my comment to go through was 'condoms'. Yes.

  2. Hahaha Rachel! No way... That's ridiculous!



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