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One Year

Today we celebrated our 1-year anniversary of when Phil proposed!

Firstly, I can't believe it's only been a year. It feels like aaaages ago, in a good way. I feel so blessed and lucky to be married to my lover and best friend. Phil is the MOST wonderful man anyone could ever ask for! Being married to him is the best thing ever. Better than cheesecake.

Secondly, our anniversary was actually yesterday, but we sorta forgot and had a whole group of people over and I made Mexican food. It was super awesome and so much fun having friends over but not the romantic evening that we had been planning for. So we celebrated today!

The Mister finished work early so he could come home and spend some time together. He surprised me with some gorgeous flowers and strawberries. YUM!

Date Night! - The Flowers and Strawberries

It was so unexpected and so nice! I can't stop looking at the flowers that are currently sitting in front of me on the coffee table.
They look so perfect sitting there.

Date Night! - The Flowers

We planned on going out to a restaurant for pad thai, my favorite! Since we are often tight on cash we seldom go out, so tonight was very special! I felt positively spoiled the whole time. It was fun getting dressed up and going to a nice restaurant. I wore my fancy pearls and everything.

Date Night!

We got an appetizer to share and we both got pad thai. I ordered coconut milk and it came in a coconut! A REAL COCONUT! I got really excited and the waitresses thought it was funny.

Date Night! - Thai Restaurant
Date Night! - Thai Restaurant
Date Night! - Thai Restaurant
Date Night! - Thai Restaurant
Date Night! - Thai Restaurant

Tonight was amazing. It could not have been better, and it was a wonderful time to spend some special time together and reminisce about our not-too-distant honeymoon. I love being married and I love being Mrs. van der Wel. I love just spending time with my husband.

Now if you will excuse us, I've made a cheesecake for me and Phil along with some homemade blueberry jam to spread on top.

I love you, Phil.

Talia Christine


  1. That's so cute! Love the real coconut and love your reaction :)!

  2. Awwww Congrats friend!! You look tooo cute by the way!

  3. happy anniversary!!
    i have something for you....i'm pretty sure you're gonna squeal~ :)

    let me know your postal addy~


  4. Awh! This was so much fun to read- you're a sweetheart, and I think I would have squeaked at seeing the coconut, too. What a thoughtful guy you've got! Congrats.

    Brianne Danae

  5. @Dee: I'm so excited! I'm camping out by my mailbox.

    @Brianne: Awww shucks! Thanks, Darlin! And yes, he's actually the best one.



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