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The Bean: Week 29


(Does the size of this squash terrify anyone else? Or is it just me?)

I am in my third trimester! Where is time going? Honestly, this pregnancy is flying by. The Bean is bigger than ever and kicking hard these days. Good job, Little, you are getting so strong!

At my last appointment, my midwife was measuring my stomach growth and feeling the baby's position when Beansy kicked her right in the hand. It was a good strong kick too. I felt like such a proud Mama. My Little was showing off. The midwife was pleased too that the baby is getting nice and strong.

Me and Phil started our antenatal classes last Tuesday. It was good and informative and there was a roomful of other couples who were also pregnant with their first. I'll be honest though. I found it all a little bit awkward. They had everyone introduce themselves, which is a good thing! It's nice to get to know everyone but I fear speaking to a roomful of randoms with a passion. I got all red in the face and stammered a bit and I felt like the room shot up to 100 degrees. Ah well. BUT then they had these games with the purpose of equipping everyone with basic pregnancy/birthing terms. It reminded me of the games in youth group ... but for pregnancy. I hated youth group games. Ah well.

During the class, we got a tour of the birthing center. It was so nice! I'm pretty stoked on the place and I am looking forward to maybe meeting the little Bean there. Also, Lonestar caters for the mum. Awesome!

The overview of labor scared me silly. I left feeling a bit overwhelmed and nervous. I talked with my sister and my midwife about my fears and they both really encouraged me. My midwife discussed which birthing options are available to me. Because of my hip problem (SPD) certain birthing positions aren't recommended, but I have plenty of options available! I am facing my fears and am starting to put together a birthing plan and in doing so I am becoming more and more excited about the birth and the process.

In the US 90% women get an epidural, but in NZ they typically only do them if they are medically needed, more like a last resort. To be honest, I have never really considered birthing without one. I just thought that's what you did? So, in considering my options, thinking about birthing without an epidural was a big step for me. My midwife has been super helpful in this area! She is really sensitive to my fears and is really encouraging that I can do this and that God designed my body to do this.
(*Disclaimer: I know this is a touchy subject, but I'm blogging about my thought process and fears. xo)

So, in short, I am doing my homework and doing my research on alternative and natural pain management. I've got my big girl decision making pants on and I'm really excited!

I still have hip pain but it is becoming more manageable. I've seen a physiotherapist who gave me some exercises to work on and a brace to wear when I'm doing a lot of walking. I also wear it in the mornings when my hips are at their worst. Keeping up with correct posture has helped SO MUCH. To anyone who suffers with SPD during pregnancy, keep up with your posture! It won't feel like it is helping at first but it will! Trust me on this one. It's worth it.

Little Bean, we are so excited to meet you! Me and your Dad talk about you all the time. We pray for you constantly and we dream what our lives will look like with you in it. I can't wait to hold you and kiss your face until you get fussy with me. I can't wait for your Dad to teach you things and give you big bear hugs. We love you. A lot.

Talia Christine


  1. Squash does in fact = scary... but when I think about the comparison between it and your Bean it isn't so much.

    I've never really considered the fact that God made a woman's body able to give birth with or without an epidural. It's a beautiful thought... but doesn't mean a momma shouldn't have one, I suppose. I'm several years away from childbirth, (I'm seventeen, haha) but this post certainly was food for thought!

    Thanks so much for sharing! And you and your Little have my thoughts and prayers. :)


  2. Sara McDougall WestnedgeMarch 18, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    Hey Tal,

    I'm so excited that you are having this experience outside of North America. If you're interested, there is a really cool documentary called "The Business of Being Born" that talks a lot about the differences between birthing in the US and the rest of the world. Your body can do this! I've also read that most women get epidurals not because of their actual pain but because of their fear of future pain, imagining that it will get worse. Just be in the moment... I'm so excited for you!


  3. I'm so proud of you keeping your head up during this pregnancy dispite all the obsticles! I totally believe birth is one of the most exciting experiences in a girls life ( if not the most). I can't wait for you to begin the process of bringing that perfect little baby into this world, whatever pain managment options you go with doesn't matter, it's whats happening. it's your baby coming to meet you that will be the focus! can't wait to get the call that my niece/nefew has arrived. What an exciting time!!!


  4. I think it's all about your frame of mind. If you have an encouraging midwife, a cheering husband, and really want to give birth naturally, then you probably will!

    I will have my 3rd c-section in August. With my son, Jake, the placenta abrupted at 38 weeks, so it was definitely necessary. But, the recovery was not fun at all.

    My best friend has 2 boys. With the first, she had an epidural, but with the second, she gave birth naturally. She said she thought the trick was staying at home as long as possible. She had her mom and stepmom there taking turns rubbing her back while she was in labor on her hands and knees. By the time she met her midwife at the hospital, she delivered within 30 minutes. She also said that the recovery with the second baby was so much easier.

    Hoping you have a great birth experience! No matter how you choose to manage the pain, the end result is the greatest joy you will ever experience!

  5. Love the way you are documenting the growth of your baby...so cute.

    Lots to think about when deciding on a birth plan...my only advice is to stay open. Once you make a birth plan just know that it may or may not happen the way you plan and let yourself be okay with that. Sounds like you have great support with your midwife.

  6. I just want to remind you that you are going to do an AMAZING job getting that kid out, no matter which way it happens or how long it takes!! My epidural was long gone before Caila arrived, and I'm kind of glad - I was really able to feel what I was doing more, and be more aware of what was going on. I'm seriously considering not getting one with this baby. I think labor (yes, it's called that for a reason, haha) is God's way of making us have such a passionate love for our children!! When you hold your Bean for the first time, ooohhhh that feeling! Praying for you, love!

  7. I'm here in California and I've decided to go pain-med free. All of my friends look at me like I have an elephant growing out of my face for not wanting an epidural!

    (Found you through Elsie's blog today)

    Have a good one!


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