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Our Weekend In Pictures

Our weekend was amazing! I love spending time with the Mister and good friends.

On Friday evening we headed out to our friends', Sam and Pauline, so Phil could work on recording some songs. It's just a start but it's really exciting! I can't wait to share what Phil and Sam come up with. Sam and Pauline also have these two amazing fluffy cats. I really miss having a cat. I enjoyed hanging out with them too.

Sam and Peach
Sam and Peach.
(Peach liked being a part of the recording process.)

Phil Recording
Phil recording. I love him.

Miss Peach and Sam Recording
Ha ha!

Amp <3
I love this amp.

Guitar Case
Phil's guitar case.

We stayed the night and Pauline cooked up an incredible spaghetti dinner for us and Sam whipped up the yummiest pancakes. Speaking of which, I have a new favorite way to eat pancakes--with lemon juice and sugar on top!! Don't knock it until you try it. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it. Mmmmm!

The next morning we trekked it into town to stop by the garage sales around Cambridge. Have I mentioned that we love garage sales? Phil always finds amazing things and cool old furniture that we (he) can restore. This time was no exception, we scored. We got a dining room table and four chairs for $30! So awesome. It's going to be my craft table in my craft room (when we finish it... someday...). The extra chairs are also needed for our REAL dining room when we have extra guests. We only had four chairs. We found a vintage baby stroller that Phil is going to sand down and repaint and I'm going to make a new mattress for it! I'm really excited. It is my favorite find of the weekend. Oh yeah, we got it for $10. What a steal! I don't think I'll use it much for actual walks, but it's SO amazing none-the-less.

Vintage Baby Stroller
The stroller.

Vintage Baby Stroller
Dining Room Chairs
Our "new" old chairs!
(I didn't get a picture of the table because I'm silly.)

My Baby Belly
The ever growing baby bump.
(I'm beginning to lose sight of my feet! Ahh!)

The Open Road
Heading home

The Open Road

I hope your weekend was filled with relaxation and love! (And pancakes)

Talia Christine


  1. I LOVE that stroller!! Good finds, and your looking beautiful :-)

  2. mine did have pancakes, thanks.

    also, unless you're really pumped on making a new mattress, i have an extra bassinet mattress you can have that should fit the stroller.

  3. @Jean: Yes, please!!! You're my hero.


  4. That stroller was the find of the century!

    You're burgeoning baby bump is mighty cute too!

  5. im so excited that Phil is recording. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Cats only add to it, huh?
    Wish i could try some lemony pancakes, sounds amazing!! Love the baby bump, say goodbye to your little feet.

  6. that stroller is very cool! They are the BEST for getting overtired/upset/sick/grumpy baby's off to sleep and even better since they are sleeping flat and can sleep in them all night if need be!

  7. What a bargain find-that stroller is beautiful! I would love to have a stroller in the house-would be perfect for rocking Miss Paige to sleep-instead my buggy stays in the car-silly wellington paths.

  8. I LOVE that mint green Amp!! It is amazing! Your bump is looking mighty big! How exciting! : )

    Ngaio May x

  9. i love your life. i love you.

  10. I <3 the stroller. We had one like it growing up. I almost want another baby so I can have an excuse to go find one. Almost...

  11. Love that stroller!
    And I feel your longing for a cat. They are the easiest of pets. Unfortunately, my hubby is allergic. Sigh.

  12. oh my gosh can you PLEASE post more baby bump photos!!!! that was such a teaser!!! love the stroller btw great find, how come they don't have cool stuff like that here in SA!!

  13. That pram is an awesome find!! Very cute!


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