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Songs For The Searchers

My brother in law, Chad Overman, just released his new album called Songs for the Searchers. He sent us a few copies in the mail and it's SO amazing. I am soooo so so proud of this album as if I did the whole thing by myself.

(I didn't actually have anything to do with the making of this album, unless you count 'cheerleader' and 'huge fan'. I also drove for a coffee run once while they were recording. That counts... right?)

I LOVE this album! Me and Phil listen to it constantly, especially when we are in the kitchen together making dinner or doing the dishes or lounging around on the weekend. I'm always catching myself singing it throughout the day but there are a couple tracks on the album that have a special place in my heart. Mr. van der Wel wrote the electric guitar part to Alone and helped write the part for Could This Be Everything. It sounds so good! I loved hearing Phil and Chad play together while we were still in Texas. My other favorite song is Solitude. It's so good.

Check out these songs from the album!



If I Go (Music Video):

The album is available for download on iTunes
and hard copies are available for purschase at here.

You can also stream a few of the songs off of his site www.chadoverman.com

I seriously recommend it! Check it out!

Talia Christine


  1. man, i love chad's music. this album is so good. he is seriously blessed!

  2. I love this album so much and already have been begging Chad for the next one! He continually writes songs and I get to hear little bits of them now and then. yay, Chad.


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