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Three Messy Buns: Hair Tutorial

I found this wonderful hair tutorial on Joanna Goddard's blog last week!
It is incredibly simple and easy to do. I gave it a go and it was a success on my first attempt! That. Never. Happens.


The style is so simple and feminine. I LOVE this look.

When I tried it out myself, I gave it a good hairspraying and it stayed all day! -- That includes a nap and cooking dinner. If you've ever seen me cook you'll know that I'm sort of a maniac in the kitchen. The fact that my hair stayed is a miracle.

What hairstyles are you loving?

Talia Christine


  1. It's darling and very you.

    I got mine colored recently to red and even though my hair is so thin and fine, the color makes up for it, so i've been celebrating by wearing it down straight. with bangs.

  2. oooo i love this! i'm all about a messy bun!

  3. SO cute! I've been trying the milkbraid look, but I'm sick of the looks at the grocery store:) You'd think I was wearing antlers!! Gotta love the midwest.

    Love your blog darling! I'm just starting out in this crazy blogging world and you are SUCH an inspiration!


  4. The day I read this on Jo's blog I tried it. It is definitely my go to hair style now!

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    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  5. i love this hairstyle. so simple and elegant.

  6. This is so cute- very feminine and looks simple to put together. Love it!

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