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Pickled Jalapenos

Have you ever had a project you were super excited about but really really nervous to start? I felt like that with pickling some jalapenos peppers that grew in our garden this year.

Something you should know, I LOVE jalapenos! Always will. I try and eat them with almost everything.

We grew a bunch of them in our garden this year and I wanted to pickle my own but I had no idea where to start. So I didn't, not for awhile anyway... I let them sit on my counter and taunt me everyday until I built up enough courage to just go for it.

And I did.

And they came out great! At least I think so. They still need to sit and pickle awhile, but at least they aren't taunting me anymore.

Pickled jalapenos

Mission accomplished. Fears tackled. I'm feeling pretty proud.

Are there are projects you have planned that are intimidating you?

Talia Christine


  1. Yes! Lengthing my shower curtain - I am afraid I will completely ruin it. And somehow I have successfully put it off for over 6 months... Horray for your pickling endeavors!

    Oh, and I absolutlely love your blog! :)

  2. Haha yes- teaching pre-schoolerx! O_O

    And this is so great!! I'm a spicy-food fanatic, and am especially in love with jalapenos! The hotter the better. Good for you, Talia!

    Bri Danae

  3. good for you for tackling your jalapenos!

    I'm usually pretty fearless when it comes to projects. BUT! I'm completely intimidated by my quilt project! I've been working on a quilt for Josiah since december of 2009! Now it's all put together staring at me in the face saying QUILT ME!

    I was going to try to machine quilt it but I just can't bring my self to do that. (My grandma was a quilter and doing it by hand was the way I was taught)

    So their it sits, just waiting.

    *Sigh* I just need to get it done already. I'm feeling motivated! Thanks :)

  4. @Nadja: Oh that's a good one, but you will feel so proud once you tackle it and give it a go!

    @Brianne: I can't even imagine! Sounds like a tough job but so so rewarding :)

    @Courtney: I always have and always will machine sew my quilts, but handsewn quilts are stupidly impressive. Actually, I'm impressed just talking about it. I can't wait to see your quilt.


  5. @Nadja: As a second thought, is it possible to lengthen it from the top of the curtain? Less water would hit the curtain there. I'm interested to see how this project goes! Take pictures!


  6. my friends and I are all cyclists and that means a lot of pants patching especially in the crotch area. I haven't patched pants in a looooong time and it's about time that I become the local pants patcher but it's very nerve-wracking when it isn't just my pants....

  7. oh my goodness my husband would love those...he loves jalepenos :)
    how awesome!


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