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Love Letters

Our one year anniversary is in two days! Hearing and realizing that we've only been married a year is shocking! It feels like we were married a long time ago, in a good way. A really good way. I wanted to write a few love letters to my Mr. van der Wel to celebrate our very first anniversary.


Mr. Philip van der Wel
Taken on our honeymoon road trip. I love this photo.

Dear Philip,

Our anniversary is in two days. Can you believe it? A lot has happened in one year. We were married. We moved countries. We became pregnant. We bought a house. We had a sweet little girl and we named her Audrey. We did all these things together which is my favorite way to do things.

I'll never forget when we first met. I had butterflies, actual butterflies! I was so nervous and clumsy around you. I had trouble understanding your accent at first, but I was so taken by your gentleness and sincerity, things which I still admire so much about you. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with you before I left to go back to the States. I remember sitting and playing guitar with you, grocery shopping, and taking walks in the snow. Even though we lost touch for a few years, I still treasure those moments in my heart. I'll never forget the last walk we had before my flight the next day. I cried.

Here we are, married now. I am so madly and deeply in love with you. You are such a pillar in my life and your love for me astonishes me every day.

I love you. Always.

Your wife,
Lamb shanks

Phil and Me
Also from our road trip. It was awesome.


  1. Happy nearly anniversary!

    I love everything about this post, but especially the 'Your wife, Lamb shanks' bit!

  2. I love blogging. You all express your feelings the right way..

    Happy anniversary!!


  3. Happy anniversary! You too are too amazing and I'm certainly inspired by your story. I stumbled across your blog shortly after you got married and moved. It's always been amazing to read your blog! Wishing you happiness!


  4. so sweet and loving.
    happy anniversary!


    you're adorable.

  5. well happy 1 year of marriage!!! You made it through "the hardest year"!!


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