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Audrey E. Update

Audrey E. Weigh In
Audrey's weigh in.

Little Updates:

-Audrey lost her umbilical cord after 4 days. I'm not gonna lie, it really freaked me and Phil out. It was so gross and I couldn't tell if it was okay or not. It's all healed and looks great now. Deep sigh of relief. I did not enjoy that process.

-Last Monday our midwife dropped by to check on our progress and weigh little Miss Audrey E. After 1 week she is already back to her birth weight! Wahoo!

-I'm back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I'm over the moon! I expected to give myself a few months to ease back into my old clothes. I'm already planning my outfits.

-No stretch marks! Again. Over the moon.


Our tiny girl is a little wonder. I find myself staring at our beautiful daughter for long periods of time. She is so captivating, it makes it hard for me to do anything else. I'm amazed at how my love for her is growing and maturing every day. I love everything about her, including the fact that she needs me all the time.

I can already see her changing. I know that from the moment she was born she started growing up. It already causes my heart to ache. I'm trying to hang on to every precious moment and lock them up in my heart and my mind.

Lately, I'm also feeling really loved. When I think of how much I love and care for my little daughter, I am reminded of how much the Lord cares and loves for me. It chokes me up a bit. His love for us is beyond compare. My ears are so tuned to Audrey's little cries and puppy noises, just how God hears my cries. It makes my head spin with wonder and awe. Loving my daughter has brought me so much new perspective in my life. I can say that I expected some level of change on my perspective but never to this degree.

Our tiny girl is settling into our lives beautifully. I am feeling more comfortable and easy with my new role as a Mama. I am feeling more empowered and less afraid. I am getting used to our new sleep schedule and I feel more adjusted to life with a newborn. It's a gorgeous feeling.

Talia Christine


  1. My little Grand baby turned one today and it is so hard to believe....I was there when she was born, what a miraculous memory that is for me. So hard to believe they grow so fast...enjoy and cherish your precious bundle as I know you will.

  2. Beautiful! So lovely that you are enjoying motherhood and amazing to see the comparisons of God's love for us through our love for our kids!

    p.s. umbilical cords coming off are so grose!

  3. yay. i'm glad you are overcoming the initial overwhelming feeling and starting to enjoy it. wait til she smiles intentionally!!

  4. I don't think I could have said any of that better myself!! I know each and every feeling described in this entry and it is still amazing to me that God entrusted us with these titles as mother!!!! My bitty boy will be 6 month on Thursday and I am daily amazed by each new thing he learns and daily reminded of how it represents our Heavenly fathers love for us. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad we have known each other for so long and even though you literally live Half the world away from me now, I am so excited to share this new role with you!! Welcome to the amazing world of Parenthood!!

    Love to you my dear dear friend,

  5. Well said! I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to feel such love. Amazing how God truly shows us how much He loves us through a child's love for their parents and vice versa.

    p.s. A personal question...what did you do to avoid stretch marks?

  6. so beautiful. glad you are loving on your little princess and settling into being a new mama so nicely.

    p.s i hate you a little for fitting into your pre-preggo jeans ALREADY!!! ;)

  7. Oh, those little feet sticking out of the blanket! Precious.
    So glad you are feeling better and adjusting. Being a momma is hard work, but it is such a beautiful and humbling feeling knowing that God entrusts us with these little people. Such joy they bring to our lives!

  8. wow I didn't get back in my pre-pregnancy jeans for about a year and a half after having my firstborn and 9 months after my second born. That's really great. I guess you didn't gain loads of weight then! God truly is amazing and I am glad that you feel His love so much! May you always feel His love surrounding your life.


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