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One Week Old

Audrey Eleanor: One Week Old

Audrey is one week old today!

The first week went by really fast and felt like an eternity all at the same time. She is an absolute doll and I can't get enough of her. I find myself just staring at her when I should be catching up on some sleep.

Our midwife came by today to weigh little miss Audrey and she is back to her birth weight after one week! Yay! I'm a proud mama. I can't help myself.

I am feeling more like my normal self again, which is so wonderful! I love it! I still feel tired, but just normal not-getting-enough-sleep tired. Not tired from blood loss or low iron levels. Me and Audrey have had a wonderful day today. Things are really looking up.

I think I really like this whole "Mama Business".

Talia Christine


  1. she is so precious! congratulations once again :) enjoy every moment of her little-ness!

  2. Talia, she is just the sweetest! Congratulations on transitioning to mamahood seamlessly:)

    emily jean....xo

  3. Awh! I'm so happy things are starting to normalize and look up after what I'm sure was a hectic week of bliss and chaos! She is the sweetest looking little thing! Keep us updated on her adventures! <3

  4. Beauty Audrey!! she is so sweet! Congrats Talia!! Kisses from Spain!!

  5. Congratulations! She looks very sweet, peaceful and cuddly. Please keep us updated as to her progress. I just had my second child 9 weeks ago today, and so am living through newborn reality again. I look forward to continuing to read about your experiences as a new Mama. All the best to your beautiful little family!


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