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Little Letters

Dear Muscles,
Hello, we haven't met before. It's nice to meet you. Where are you from? Oh you're from lifting a baby all the time? Booyah!

Dear Dad,
Look! I have muscles! Flex.

Dear Sleep,
It's been awhile. It's been too long. I miss you. Come back soon.

Dear Wood burner,
I wondered if you would be enough to keep us warm this winter. I had my doubts, but you have been doing a fine job! You've made the living room so cozy for me and Miss Audrey during the cold nights when she needs to be nursed. You are the best!

Dear Kitchen,
I know I've been away. It's been due to all the lovely freezer meals we've been blessed with! Well, we're nearly through them all and we'll be getting acquainted again soon! Try not to get too messy.

Dear Phil,
Thanks for hanging in there and loving me on my crazy days. Like yesterday. Yikes. Thanks for waking up in the middle of the night to change nappies or stoke the fire or for rolling over and cuddling with me. You're the best. By far. I love you. I super love you. Thank you, Love.


1 comment:

  1. aw. that is awesome. aren't the muscles the best?? my 36 lbs four year old still needs to be held sometimes. hello biceps!


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