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Weekend Snapshots

Here are a few snapshots from this weekend! Enjoy!

Little Audrey Eleanor in her clothes that are way too big. At the moment, we only have about 3 outfits that really fit her, so when she spilled milk all over her last outfit (at 3am) I was scrambling to find something that fit her so we could all go back to bed. In the morning I could hear her fussing. She wasn't desperate so I let her fuss a bit (and steal a few minutes extra sleep!). Phil got up to check on her and he started cracking up. He found our poor girl with the hat over her whole face except for her mouth. She was pretty frustrated. haha Don't worry, we eventually found a hat that fits.

Afternoon cuddles and baby feet. Two of my favorite things!

I made myself a mock Moby wrap to carry Audrey in. It's awesome! More on this soon!

This weekend we celebrated Phil's Oma's 80th birthday. It was a big family to-do and I had an excuse to dress up and wear my favorite boots. It felt really good being up and out and dressed up!

Cupcakes - ICED!
I baked some cupcakes for the 4th of July and discovered my new favorite icing. It's a plum cream cheese frosting. I'd share the recipe, but really you just add 2-4 tablespoons of a jam of your choice to a regular cream cheese frosting. It's amazing. Try it.

Happy 4th of July folks! Enjoy the warmer weather and patriotic celebrations. I'll just be here in New Zealand being a little bit jealous (but not too jealous because we're still having a BBQ and cupcakes)

Speaking of which... next year, we've decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th and the 4th on Thanksgiving. I know it sounds crazy, but I like the idea. Celebrating the 4th of July in winter just seems so wrong.

Talia Christine

P.S. - Happy 3 weeks to Audrey Eleanor! I'll post her 3 week pictures tomorrow. ♥


  1. I so hear this! Having grown up a good chunk of my life in the states, somethings just ought to be in winter... like Christmas. I made a big croc pot of Hot Apple cider and put on christmas music last week... just cause. Winter is made for christmas.. otherwise it's like Narnia before Aslan came back.. always winter, never christmas.


  2. You're daughter is just adorable, congrats on being a new mom and happy 4th

  3. These shots are magical! I love the boots and your daughter is the sweetest! Also, that plum/cream cheese icing sounds to-die-for! YUM! <3

  4. hmm i was wondering this before. Phils last name is Dutch, and now you mention his Oma. Is he Dutch? :-)

  5. Everyday AdventuresJuly 5, 2011 at 3:48 AM

    Loving your blog! Your baby is beautiful and so are your stories! I'll definitely try jam frosting!!

    Love, Kelly (via kellynevling.blogspot.com)

  6. @Rochelle: Such a good idea! Now I'm dying for apple cider and my grandma's Christmas candy and fudge. Sounds like we should have a Christmas date!

    @Annis: Yes! Phil is definitely Dutch and comes from a large Dutch family, though he was born in New Zealand.



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