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Blog Makeover - Tour


Welcome to my new blog makeover! I'm so excited to share it with you. To celebrate the new look, here's a mini tour of the new design.

Navbar - A new navbar and new features! Up above you can see new links to my collection of recipes on the blog, DIY projects, and some of the crafty things I've made. I love having these features more easily accessible!

Left sidebar - To the left you can see my new updated profile. Alongside I've added Phil and Audrey Eleanor! His photo links to his music while Audrey's links to all the blog posts about her.

Right sidebar - To the right I've cleaned up the blog roll and added some new link buttons. Feel free to grab a button for your site!

Header photo - My new header photo was taken by the wonderful Tim Coulson. He does wonderful work. Check him out.

Inspiration - The inspiration for my new blog comes from the blog itself! My blog is all about my life and what's been happening lately. The new color scheme soft and feminine and reminds me of my baby girl and reflects my own personal taste!

Blog Design - I designed and coded the website myself! With feedback from Phil of course. I'm pleased with the overall result and can easily change and add things as the blog requires. Win win!

Thanks for stopping by!

Talia Christine


  1. So lovely Talia!
    Makes me feel like I know you, your aesthetic, and your beautiful family even better:)

  2. I love the blog makeover! Makes me want to re-vamp mine as well! hmmmm... hehe

  3. oh my, it looks so lovely :) you did SUCH a beautiful job!!

  4. Looks great...nice job!
    Say hello to that sweet Baby of yours for me.

  5. eek! I'm in love with the clean design and the soft colors! Amazing job! <3

  6. it's GORGEOUS. Clever you~


  7. Love it!! Very cleve. You must be super mum to be so on to it!! :)

  8. Looks great! The color scheme is very appropriate for the arrival of a little one. Your blog has such a sweet and cozy feel!


  9. New blog design looks amazing! You are so clever to do it all yourself! Wish I could speak HTML!

  10. I LOVE it!!! It's a massive coincidence but I launched my makeover today too?! AND found out that our little one on the way is a boy! Anyway, sorry for the somewhat random comment - I'm excited about lots of things today and your blog is another beautiful little smile in my day. :-)

  11. Would you be willing to design a blog for a fellow blogee ??!!! If so, what would you charge ?!!!


  12. The new design looks amazing! It definitely makes me want to hurry up and finish tweaking mine. :)

  13. It looks awesome! I love it! Great job'

  14. eh...it's okay...

    miss you my friend...i think i heard something about your birthday...sending you my thoughts...

    much love...
    much grace...
    much "it's my favorite"...

  15. I love the new blog look so so pretty and easy to find your way around

    xo Nicolette


  16. Love the new look! very you. BTW Happy Birthday Love ya!


I love and appreciate your comments and I try to respond to as many as I can so don't forget to check back! xoxo