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I've Been In Hiding

Things have been tough around here lately. I couldn't cope. I've been in hiding.

When we went to Wellington (which, was amazing by the way. Another story for another time.) Audrey came down with a cold. She totally reversed any sleeping progress we had made and spiralled into a non-sleeping baby. Understandable.

When we got home she only continued to get worse. She got sicker and refused to sleep unless she was in our arms. Not my favorite. But I let it slide since she was pretty sick.

Then we realized her cold was much more serious. Audrey had the measles. She was waking every 45 minutes and had high fevers. It was rough, guys. Seriously rough.

After she got well, her sleeping stayed the same. She refused to sleep unless she was in our arms and I was at the end of my rope. I couldn't hang! We went to the Waikato Family Centre to get some help with Audrey's sleep patterns.

And you know what?

Audrey slept through the night last night. For the first time in her whole life.


Things have been getting better all this last week but last night really takes the cake! I'm starting to feel more like my normal self and get back into a routine. It is wonderful. Incredibly, gorgeously, wonderful.

I feel like I can breathe again.

Talia Christine

P.S. -
If you have emailed me and I have not responded. I apologize. I stepped away from the blog and from my emails to breathe and recover from the recent events. I'm about to conquer the inbox and will get back to you soon!


  1. It's so hard when they get sick like that (and measles- yipes!). It does throw them off their schedule (and into your arms, lap, bed...)! So glad she is feeling better and that you all are getting sleep. :)

  2. Awh hun you are through the worst of it, well done for going into hiding and seeking real life help! Yay for sleeping through the night! Look after yourself!

  3. Do whatcha gotta do baby. Thank goodness for a first whole night of sleep! I hope it continues for you. Bec x

  4. HOORAH!! Well done Audrey, and well done you two!


  5. Yay for more sleep! I'm hoping she continues to let you have lots of rest!

    And eep, measales is so scary. Poor Audrey! Glad to hear she is better now ♥

  6. it's the best feeling isn't it? that first glimpse of YOU.

    and hooray for a full nights sleep. my boy is almost 2 and i'm still waiting!


    (not sure that i have commented before, but have been visiting for a little while now. hello!)

  7. Oh dear, what a rough time indeed. So sorry! But I'm thankful that things are looking up now and doing much better. :)

  8. Oh man! Glad you (all) made it through to the other side. Congrats for full nights sleep for all - here's to many, many more nights of that!

  9. glad y'all are doing better!! xo victoria

  10. sorry to hear things have been so rough. changes in the sleep can be SO hard on the parents. we're going through something similar now. glad to hear your little audrey is starting to sleep through the night!

  11. Sounds horrible. That must have been so, so hard for you :( So pleased to hear Audrey is doing much better now.

  12. When it rains it pours, Right!? Such a relief to know she (and you) are doing better! I cant even imagine what its going to be like when Miles gets sick. Heartbreaking!

  13. Oh you poor things!!! The family center are pretty awesome though!! Glad she's sleeping through again!! (Sorry, i just discovered your blog tonight so im having a good blog stalk!! Love your writing!!)


I love and appreciate your comments and I try to respond to as many as I can so don't forget to check back! xoxo