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Wardrobe Wednesday: Remix - Week 5

The Everyday Comfy Outfit

Welcome to the FIFTH and FINAL week of remix month in Wardrobe Wednesday!

For those of you just joining in, this month I've taken one item of clothing (a simple brown knit dress) and have restyled it into a new outfit each week!

Here's how I styled it this week.

Today me and Audrey are having a quiet day at home so I went with simple and comfortable styling. I layered my favorite slouchy cardigan over the dress and paired it with some cute shoes. I pulled my hair up out of the way and that's this outfit done!

Now to go play duplo with the baby and read some books.

I'm wearing:
Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Wardrobe Wednesday at SailorSpy.co.nz

See how I styled this in week 1, 2, 3, and 4!

Talia Christine


  1. Nice! Your brogues are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Nin! I really like them. Though it was getting a bit cold so I swapped them for some socks and house slippers. Nothing like a comfy day... or week. ;)


    2. ....and that is exactly what I wore apres-photo shoot also!

  2. How comfy fab!!! <3 Love the shoes.

    XOXO deanna

  3. You look gorgeous! I want your shoes (and your hair!)

  4. Your hair is fabulous. faaaaabulous.

    1. Thanks, Rhiannon! It's actually pretty crazy lately. I lost fistfuls of hair after having Audrey and it's all growing back in. I have about a million short hairs that stick out all over the place ;)

  5. love those shoes and love that you are comfy and styly!

  6. STOP being so bloody cute!

    look at you bambi. look at you

    xo em

  7. I love your outfit! That dress seems so versatile :) I think I have a similar cardigan and it's definitely a staple in my everyday comfy outfits too.


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