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Blog Party Guest Post: The Beetle Shack

DIY: Fabulously Fruity Dangling Succulent Garden
(ie. a terrarium)

It feels like an eternity that these little glass baubles have been ethereally floating above our dining room table, sometimes filled with candles, other times with flowers. Always hanging by fishing line and little white thumbtacks pushed into the ceiling.

In this incarnation, they are suspended by fluro pink string and stuffed full of plants and soil.

I thought you might like to make some too, so here's how it's done.

You will need

* A collection of glass vessels.
(I'm using some candle holders that you can see hanging from my ceiling back here. I've actually seen some in hot dollar and other junk shops quite recently.)
* Very small stones. They can be bought from your local nursery or pet store.
* Some moss. I collected mine from our outdoor pavers that don't catch much sun.
* Potting mix
* Succulent plants 


1. Add a layer of small pebbles to the bottom of your container. Make sure you rinse them first. I've used black here but i'm dreaming of making more with fluro pebbles, you know, like the ones you put in the fish tank? Imagine the glory!

2. Add a layer of Moss on top. This prevents the soil in your terrarium from escaping through pebbles.  If you don't have any moss handy, a very fine screen will work well here. Personally, I think the moss is really pretty.

3. Add soil. I used a long handles tea spoon to make navigating the small space a little easier. 

4. Add the plants. Take a little time and consideration to make sure it looks pretty.


I couldn't resit making a few more (in fact I filled every empty glass vessel within reach)

now all you need to do is add fruity string in the colour of your choice, find a thumb tack, climb atop your table and you're done.



Thanks for sharing, Em! Emily blogs over at The Beetle Shack. It's one of my faves. She is hilarious, honest, and just SO COOL! If we ever hang out in real life, it will be mayhem. Glorious mayhem.

Check out her blog and send her some love! xo Talia


  1. This is so cute! Thanks Emily!

  2. I love this DIY...very earthy and something very chic! Every time I try all three links over to Emily's blog I am getting the "Error 404" message though.

  3. No probs Talia! thanks for having me



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