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Handmade Dolls

Handmade Dolls
Handmade Dolls

With Phil's help we finished the rag dolls last night! I sewed the dresses and he helped make and stitch the doll wigs while we watched The Mentalist last night. He's the best. And I'm so proud with how they turned out!

A bit about the dolls:

The dolls and dresses were made with my own pattern. All the dresses are made from vintage linens. The hair is a mixture of handspun and commercial yarn. The faces are left blank to allow more room for the imagination! This way the dolls can be happy, sad, sleeping, or awake!

I love them. I hope our little nieces like them too. (I always get nervous when I give away handmade gifts!)

Talia Christine


  1. These are such sweet creations! I'm sure any little girl would love them. Nothing like a handmade gift, in my opinion. :)

    1. Thank you, Libby! I love a handmade gift above all others too, just don't know if other's share my sentiment! :)

  2. CUTE!!
    Omg you are so lucky Phil helps you like that with so many things!! I am trying to convince my hubby to learn to crochet, we could both do it together while we watch tv and make a blanket in half the time! Win win!! He's sadly not buying it *sigh

  3. They turned out so darling! I am sure they will be enjoyed.

  4. Super cute! I know I would be stoked if my aunty made me one (even now! haha)
    Even cuter that your hubby helps with the crafting - not much chance of that round here!

  5. Talia, they're gorgeous! I love their thick, chunky braids and lovely peasant dresses. You talented duo, you.

  6. Clever lady...of course they will love them!

  7. Amazing! I want the pattern!

    Amanda Rose


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