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Floral Skirt Restyle

I love a good thrift store find that's perfect off the hanger. But that rarely ever happens for me. Instead, I find the perfect print dress in 3 sizes too big. Or I'll find a skirt that's the wrong length. Fortunately these are easy fixes!

I found this beautiful vintage floral print skirt whilst op-shopping with my dear friend, Dee. The florals in this skirt stole my breath. Beautiful bright perfection! It just needed a few tweaks here and there.

Floral Skirt: Before restyle vintage
Floral Skirt: Before restyle vintage

-The skirt was too big and sat too low on my hips. Because of the extra room in the waist it ended up making me look baggy and frumpy. It took away from the beauty of the florals! To fix this, I took it in a few inches so it would sit higher on my waist and create a slimmer silhouette.

-The skirt was JUST a tad too short to be a maxi skirt. Because I'm short (5'3") maxi skirts can be hit or miss. Too long and it's just not wearable. If the skirt sits just above the ankles it makes me look REALLY SHORT and STUMPY in real life. It visually cuts off the length of the skirt and makes me look quite squat. Not a good look, so I shortened this skirt just to the knees.

Floral Skirt: After
Floral Skirt: After

The result is a fun and playful skirt! Easy to dress up or dress down.

Admittedly, I have a growing pile of clothes that I've bought with the intention of fixing up. But I can't seem to find the time/motivation that I need to tackle it! One piece at a time, eh? ;)

Do you ever bring the scissors to your vintage finds?

xoxo Talia Christine


  1. I used to do exactly this while back in NZ! I lived in Mount Maunganui for a year (still miss it every day) and in Tauranga there is this event called 2 Dollar fill a bag (check the free local newspapers but I guess it's every fortnight on Thursday). For 2 dollar you would get a garbage bag and there would be tables full of secondhand clothes to fill your bag with! A lot of it was crappy but the things I found in there... I absolutely loved it. I would go every fortnight with my flatmate and we would sell the things that didn't fit on Trade Me. I would also alter the dresses and skirts that were to long. How do I miss those days! Back here in Holland we don't really have a vintage culture... People don't like 'hand me downs' so I have to go to Germany to get my fix. If you ever have time visit Tauranga and don't tell anyone! :)

    Cheers from Holland xo Jori


  2. This looks lovely!

    If I had your skills I would totally op shop, unfortunately I have no experience altering clothes so I just get left with "duds"


  3. So much better! So gorgeous! Love it.
    Was so great to see you today. x

  4. Save the pile of clothing to be altered for the next time you're hit with the nesting impulse! It might be tougher than ever to get it to fit, but you also might end up with some lovely unique pieces. I've been sewing up a storm these last few weeks, and I started tackling alteration of vintage finds when I ran out of hole-y husband pants to patch and reusable flannel baby wipes to hem.

  5. I find heaps of amazing vintage finds in the Solomons. My current favourite is a gorgeous dress originally owned by a "Betty Wilson" (she had written her name on the tag decades ago). Ms Wilson was a smart young woman in her day - there was a safety pin pinned into the pocket - very necessary if you're in a pickle.

  6. SO cute! i'm a mega op shop fan. And a very, very new (bad) sewer. But i have high hopes. your blog is always an inspiration for this kind of thing.

  7. beautiful ANNND clever...it must be rough being you!! ;)

  8. I loooove thrift stores, but I'm not quite crafty/patient enough to adjust any ill-fitting finds to my size.

    That skirt looks really cute on you!


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