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Zeal Night Market

zeal night market

Things are a bit mental around here lately! We're preparing for our first market next month right here in Hamilton--Zeal Night Market.

So exciting!

You can expect to see pretty handmade moccasins, clutches and burper cloths made from up-cycled vintage linens, some hand spun yarn and a few bits of this and that.

But between baby wrangling, blog designs, and cooking dinner I have less time that I'd like to work on crafty things for the market. Busy busy busy!

So come on down to Zeal Night Market next month and pop on down to our stall to say hello!



  1. Ooo, so much fun! Looks like you'll have quite a few goodies to sell :)

    1. I'm excited and NERVOUS!! I've never done anything like this before, but I've always wanted to!

  2. Eek! Looks like a ton of fun. :) Hope you find the time to get everything done. xo. Deanna

  3. go talia! i wish i was that on-to-it ;)

  4. How exciting - a first craft market. All the best :)

    (Recently found your blog via Sophie Slim)

  5. Sounds fun. I'll try to pop down to say Hi. Good on you for doing it. Cx


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