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DIY Falling Leaves Wall Decoration

DIY Leaves Wall Decoration

Try out this easy falling leaves wall decoration! This wall decoration is perfect for those in an apartment as this doesn't require any nails in the wall. It also makes a very cool headboard.

DIY Leaves Wall Decoration

You will need:
A burlap sack or piece of burlap
Sticky-tack (Blue Tack)

DIY Leaves Wall Decoration
DIY Leaves Wall Decoration
DIY Leaves Wall Decoration

Begin by cutting out your leaves out of the burlap. Lots of them. Lots and lots of leaves.

DIY Leaves Wall Decoration

Put a bit of sticky tack on each leaf and arrange the leaves as you like on the wall.

DIY Leaves Wall Decoration

That's it!

Get creative and go for a cool leaf-blowing design on the wall. I tried though, and failed miserably. I'm just not artsy enough to pull it off ;)

Try some variation in leaf sizes.

Try painting your burlap different colors before cutting out the leaves! I've done this before (but sadly dont have the photos anymore.)

Go on. Give it a try. xoxo


  1. love love love this!!!! i'm a sucker for anything w/ burlap! def gonna give this a go this weekend!

  2. Looking so beautiful :)

    Tanuja <3


  3. These are so great! Thanks for posting this How To!


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