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Button Swap!

button swap

In lieu of the Around The Table bloggers conference coming up NEXT MONTH (WOOHOO!!!), I wanted to host a button swap! It's simple: Two blogs swap buttons. You'll increase traffic to your blog, send some traffic someone else's way, and make a few new bloggy friends!

If you're interested in participating in swapping buttons right here let me know! Spots fill up fast. Use the code SWAPSIES at checkout to get a 200x100 spot for FREE on the sidebar! Before it's approved I'll contact you to arrange the swap.

I encourage you to host a button swap on your own blog and get to know your blogging community!

Email me at taliavanderwel (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions or if you need help creating a button xo


  1. Oh I love this idea :o) I don't have a button so I'm not sure I can play but I would like to x

  2. Thankyou for this opportunity! :) Sounds so cheesy, but I love your blog!

  3. Oh how wonderful, i have already added your button to my page xxxx

  4. cool idea! I'm so keen, but looks like you're full already... Maybes I'll do this on my blog x

  5. A great idea, Talia!

    Have a lovely week!

    Sar xx

  6. I cant figure it out.. haha Great idea though x

  7. Oh keen save me a spot and I will make a button when I get home from work tonight! Haha only so much you can do with an iPhone

  8. Thanks for this Talia, great idea. Following now too. Have a lovely week! xo

  9. Still got a spot?! I need to make a button tho... do you have a link that can show me how?
    Thank you!

  10. i would love to swap buttons
    please !


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