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Quiet Moments

Tiny baby Audrey, August 2011. Photo by Tim Coulson. See more from this session.

While Phil is away in Auckland this week, Me and Audrey are spending some extra time doing a few special things to keep us occupied while he's away. As I was going to bed last night I decided to get Audrey and put her our bed with me (lonely!). She didn't even stir as I scooped up her tiny body and snuggled her close against me as I walked down the hall. How perfect she is. She continued to sleep as I put her head down on the pillow and tucked her into the sheets and blankets. I could hear her breathing as she snuggled down into her new spot. As I lay down next to her she sensed me close by and rolled over to snuggle closer. Bliss. She tucked her tiny arm over my neck and tucked her head under my chin and curled her body around my growing belly, my tiniest daughter kicking and moving around inside.

All I could think was, "Wow. These are my precious babies. I am beyond blessed."

I often have moments like this, where I think, "Incredible. Being a mother is so beautiful. I don't deserve this!" You know, those moments that make the more stressful times melt away. I think it's important to pause and drink them in. These days where our kids are small are far too short. Audrey was only a tiny baby YESTERDAY it seems. And now it's gone. I want to soak up every delicious minute of it that I can. Help me remember that.


  1. aaww how lovely. This post really should have come with a warning- may make hormonal women cry. Thank you for sharing.

  2. waaaaahhh! you made me cry. but it's all good. promise. :)

  3. You make me want to breed Talia! :) seriously, that's some beautiful writing right there. Can't wait to experience it all for myself one day. Thanks for sharing x

  4. Beautiful writing Talia!
    See you tomorrow? x

  5. so, so true. Although not possible with my youngest who refuses to sleep in a bed without grinding some part of his body into me and sleep across the bed, pillow, anything that makes it impossible for the other person to sleep!!! :o)

    That photo is stunning

  6. Aw, so sweet! And I am in total agreeance with you - SO important to soak in those moments. They are certainly not babies (or any age!) for long!!


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