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Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Recipe
Honestly, what's better than creamy, soft frozen yogurt? (nothing) A bit of tang balanced with a hint of sweetness. Sometimes you just NEED frozen yogurt and ice cream just won't cut it.

This one is for you. ♥

Frozen Yogurt Recipe
Tiny toddler hand couldn't wait while mama took photos...

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

1 cup greek style yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1/4 firmly packed powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix together the greek yogurt, milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla until completely smooth. Refrigerate for 1 hour (or don't, because I didn't this time. It was a frozen yogurt emergency, yo).
Freeze in your ice cream maker according to the ice cream maker's instructions.

Notes: It was sweet but not tooooo sweet. That said, next time I may use less sugar (just for some more zing) and serve with fresh berries. ALSO, you don't have to use powdered/icing sugar, but it's all I had on hand aside from raw sugar. I didn't have the patience to dissolve the raw sugar beforehand. Cravings are not to be messed with.

We both had seconds. Because, obviously.


  1. stop with the fabulous recipes!! x

  2. Tiny toddler hand is cute enough for us not to mind. x

  3. I love frozen yogurt. Going to give this a go, yum! x

  4. I adore frozen yoghurt, it's so much more refreshing than icecream!

  5. when we came back from living in the states, jono and I thought we just HAD to start up a frozen yogurt store (complete with the 30+ topping options...) since there actually is no frozen yogurt places to be found. We also though a mexican food truck would be awesome, but now there are quite a few of them...

  6. I had all ingredients on hand and decided to whip some up! amazing, I had a mixture of greek yoghurt and plain vanilla bean. Devouring it right now! thanks for the recipe :)

    1. Yum! I'm glad you liked it! I want some more now... Think maybe I should whip up some more...

  7. oh my god oh my god oh my god i need this in my life right now!

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