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Around The Table - Blogger's Connecting

Around The Table
Photo borrowed from Around The Table

I can't believe that it's here and gone already! I'm probably the last person to blog about the conference. It was crazy! Amazing! Loud! And intense! Amazing! And I needed a good few days to recover and gather my thoughts (and source some photos hee!)

It was amazing putting some real life faces and names to blogs that I know, love, and read regularly. It was great to hug some bloggy friends. AT LAST! Also, I panicked and hugged a non-hugger. Sorry, Widge. Still feel bad about that. When I panic, I hug people. Weird? Hmm...

But I panicked because: Widge! She's so cool! And funny! And I want to be like her! Obvs.

Photo borrowed from Deb 

Photo borrowed from Deb

Love for Christchurch 

The strength of the people of Christchurch is tangible and can be seen all over the city. It's so beautiful and inspiring. And I only cried several times. Considering my hormone levels, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Squinting and trying not to cry because of the sun in my eyes. Most sensitive eyes ever.
Also. I should have sunglasses. 

I finally got to meet and hug this lovely lady! (Meg from MNM's) We got to "meet" over Skype before the conference as we prepared to lead the Techy Issues Workshop together. And it was amazing! I was honored to be asked to lead the workshop and it was SO wonderful working together with Meghan. She's one talented and clever lady.

If you missed the workshop or just wanted to have a nosy check out the Techy Issues Workshop Blog! It covers all the information covered in the workshop. I'm constantly monitoring the comments and will try my hardest to answer any questions you might have about the material!


And last but not least, I had the pleasure of staying with Miriam and these lovely ladies. It kind of was one of the major highlights (if not my favorite part) of the conference: staying with other bloggers and getting quality chat time to get to know them better! I may be biased but I think I stayed with the coolest bloggers there ;) These ladies are total quality and I really look up to them!

I SERIOUSLY hope there is another conference next year! And that next year I won't be so shy.


  1. Oh my it was SUCH a pleasure to have you stay - you are just so special, really. Let's do it again :o) xx

  2. I WISH I could have been there ... but at 37/38 weeks preg it was just not poss ... I keep reading everyone's posts and feeling a bit jealous!

  3. Oh man, it was SO COOL staying with you guys - total highlight!

  4. It was lovely to meet you. I can't believe that I got shy and tongue-tied when I met you- sorry! I promise that won't happen again next time!

  5. You and Meg both look seriously beautiful in that photo, love it.

  6. It was lovely meeting you, just wish I had talked to you longer. Next time! :)

  7. You are not the last as I haven't made it that far yet! I only got to spend a wee bit of time with you on Sunday afternoon, but I loved it x

  8. Oh lovely lady - it was just SO SO cool to be hosting that workshop with you - you were so professional and just darn lovely to be around too I might add - I just loved the way you made difficult blogging concepts seem like a breeze. I wish we'd had longer to finish it off properly but it's so great that you've been keeping up with the comments too (I had a sneaky peek the other day!). Wish I'd got to spend more time with you outside of the workshop but hey I am up your way from time to time so don't be surprised if you get a visitor one day xx


I love and appreciate your comments and I try to respond to as many as I can so don't forget to check back! xoxo