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Saying Goodbye to the Dummy

Saying goodbye to the dummy

This week we said goodbye to the dummy. Monday, I think it was. Or maybe it was Tuesday. Either way, we're a few days into having a dummy-free toddler.

My daughter always surprises me with her resilience and understanding lately. I mean, we have our moments, but I think she's been ready to give up the dummy for awhile but I wasn't necessarily ready. All right, I'll admit it, I was just plain old scared!

So Monday, or Tuesday or whenever it was, I asked Audrey to "Come here for a chat, please". She looked at me warily and slowly walked over. "It's time to say goodbye to our dummies now."

Tiny innocent little worried face.

"You're a big girl now! Is Audrey a baby?"
"No.. Audah no baby."
"That's right, sweetheart! Audrey is a BIG GIRL! And big girls don't have dummies. Only babies have dummies!"

Instant tears and sadness. World falling apart crisis. etc.

"It's okay sweetheart. Let's go over to the bin. Come on, Lovey."

She walks over slowly. Reluctantly. Sadly.

I held up the dummy and said, "It's time to say goodbye to our dummy now. Can you put it in the bin please? Say, 'Bye-Bye Dummy!'"

And this is the part that kills me. Her little lip stuck out quivering as she looked at her dummy sadly, fondly, lovingly, thoughtfully and she decided whether or not to obey. She LOVED her dummy and I could see her struggling with the choice. She took it from my hand and walked over to the bin, opened the lid, and put it in. Then she ran and gave me a cuddle.


We celebrated her achievement with lots of songs, cuddles, and a few lollies ;) We've had a few rough moments around nap times and bedtimes, but overall she has blown me away with her ability to adapt and change to her new normal. Whenever she cries and asks for her dummy she promptly reminds me, "Audah no bebe. Audah big. Dummy bin... Bye bye, Dummy." And then she cries a little more. But she GETS IT. And I am so proud of my girl who is growing up. I'm so proud of my baby who decided to obey even when it was difficult for her. I love her lots, you see.


And in case you missed it the blog got a brand new look! Check it out. x


  1. They are truly more adaptable than we expect - I guess we project our adult-inflexibility on their innocent baby/toddler/child situations sometimes. Well done to you both for surviving the first few days xx

  2. your blogs looking fab as always.

    Nice work Audrey!!

    Once the baby comes, don't be surprised if she starts asking for it again, we went through this with our little ones.
    Fingers crossed she will be over it for good!!

  3. What an awesome little trooper!! She's such a smart wee cookie too!! I hope things continue to work out without the dummy, we're still working on losing it at nap times, but i don't think Lachy really 'gets it' just yet! Your blog looks great! :)

  4. how sweet she is! i love that she threw them out herself. i attempted trying to get mine to give her's up on her own, but it wasn't happening. so i got rid of them and told her the binky's went to find babies, because she is a big girl now and doesn't need them... she isn't too thrilled with this idea, but is adapting.

    by the way, i love the new blog look!


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