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22/52, 52, 52 project, portrait
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Audrey: Your first face scrape. You wanted to stand on the window sill and say "Hi Papa" over and over and over. When you finished with that you started to dance. When you started to dance you fell off. It was pretty sad but you're consoling yourself by watching "pishies" (Finding Nemo). 

Previous portraits here:

Joining in with Jodi.


I seriously fell off the 52 project bandwagon. Too heavy laden by guilt I ignored the project instead of getting back on because catching up seemed too big of a burden. INSTEAD I'll just join in again! If I can catch up one day, I will. But for now I'm starting fresh. :)


  1. oh no! big hugs! I started about 9 weeks late...its all fine, glad your back in again xxx

  2. Oh dear, we had a scraped chin from falling of the window sill here this week also.

    It makes me feel better that this happens to other too!!

    Her eyes are a beautiful colour.



  3. So precious! Finding Nemo is an understandable comfort movie :)

    And I hear you on the guilt thing- I feel guilty when I don't publish blog posts according to my self-imposed schedule- it's ridiculous. Nothing wrong with you starting fresh; I'm glad you did.


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