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In Stitches: What I've Been Sewing

I've had a major sewing bug lately. I've been sewing lots for myself and the girls, partially born out of necessity and partially because lately things have just CLICKED for me lately and I feel confident in my ability to produce beautiful quality items of clothing. Like... FINALLY! It's a good feeling.

Ever since I announced I was going to start sewing for my new project: In Stitches I've been busy behind the scenes researching and trying and learning and growing. I've been slack with blogging about it but I finally have some items to show for it. I have more that I need to properly document but I'll save that for another time as I want to go over the techniques I learned with those pieces.

In Stitches, update, sewing, sew, wiksten, tank, knit, dress
In Stitches: sewing update, knit dress, todder

First up, I've got two Wiksten tanks. I've made this pattern before and it just doesn't get old. I'll happily make more for myself. I also have plans to modify it into a knee length dress with a wide ruffle at the skirt hem. and a knit dress that I made for Audrey out of an old knit skirt of mine. For the dress I modified a pattern and drafted up a new portion of it to make a cute dress. I love how it turned out!

Resource: The Wiksten Tank

In Stitches: sewing update, undies, kids, toddler

Next, I've made some undies for Audrey. She's super tiny and I've had a lot of trouble finding any undies that fit her. Every time she jumped up and down her undies would fall down and she would cry, because... annoying! hahah So I KNEW I had to make her own. I was pretty nervous about it but I found a great pattern via Mend and Make New and it's really easy! They fit beautifully! They don't gape when she climbs on things and forgets to keep her skirt down. They stay put and they are super modest. This ticks all my boxes when it comes to kid undies. I'll be making these for a good long while in several different sizes. (And maybe upsizing them for me? Cause I need some good comfy undies. Who doesn't. AMIRIGHT?)

Resource: Children's Undies Downloadable PDF Pattern by thatdarnkat

In Stitches, sewing, sew, Olivia top, dress
In Stitches, sewing, sew, Olivia top, dress

Lastly, I've been making these cute dresses! Let me just stop and say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. It's the Olivia Top & Dress by Craftiness is not optional. I LOVE IT. Have I said that? It's a great basic pattern that is easy to modify or add a lining to. I've made three so far and plan to make a few more in different patterns and variations.

Resource: The Olivia Top & Dress

Next up on my sewing list is:

  • More undies for Audrey (I have made 5 and I have 6 more cut out ready to start working on this evening)
  • A Wiksten tank modified to a knee length dress
  • The Aub├ępine by Deer and Doe (CANNOT WAIT!!)
  • Zinnia by Colette Patterns
  • The Roxanne by Victory Patterns
  • Some bathing suits for the girls (I plan to draft some patterns myself. Eek!)
  • A triangle quilt
  • An ironing board, sewing machine, and overlocker covers for a swap with Gertrude Made. (SO EXCITED)
  • Some simple t-shirts for Audrey
  • Leggings for the babies
  • A winter jacket for Audrey
  • A couple knit dresses for Audrey (SO easy to wear in the summer)


  1. You have been so productive! I love it all! I've had a bit of a sewing bug too... So much I want to make and not enough time! Really want to sew both my girls some bubble shorts and peasant tops... Also want yo make some more things for me too. Thanks for the mention re the undies, that pattern is awesome isn't it? Looking forward to see what u make next :) jenny

  2. That olivia top and dress is adorable! Looks super well made! Nice work. :) Wish I could sew!

  3. Nice! Those look like pretty indestructible undies. :) If you want a basic swimsuit pattern to adapt, I have an Ottobre one.

  4. You are so clever! Love the undies... esp. the cute pattern! You amaze me.

  5. Your sewing looks beautiful, you should be very proud. I think you are in nz - have you seen bolt of cloth for fabrics and patterns (I'm not affiliated, just love their stuff).

  6. They all look fantastic - well done you for getting to it! I am definitely looking at those dresses as I'm hunting for some good simple pretty ones!

  7. They all look amazing! As soon as I saw that top photo come up in my reader I thought 'I bet they are wiksten tanks' and sure enough they are.. such a great design isn't it? I have a bit of a girl crush on Jenny from Wiksten!


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