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Easy Face Scrub

Simple Face Scrub
Okay guys. Let's talk skin care. (^Look! Me without makeup*. Actually... I usually don't wear makeup. But yeah.)

I luuuve taking care of my skin. My skin isn't perfect but I like to take care of what I've got! I'm not into the fancy, just the simple; but I think a little care goes a long way! My grandma inspired me early on to take care of my skin. She started using a simple face lotion every day in her early 20's and let me tell you... girlfriend has GREAT skin and minimal wrinkles. I've taken a page from her book and I lotion my face daily before bed. I drink lots of water to hydrate my skin from the inside out. (WATER, guys. WATER!! It's good for you.) Aside from that, I exfoliate my skin once a week using a simple face scrub. It sloughs away the dead skin and allows the lotion to sink in better giving my skin a healthy glow. Because who wants to waste lotions and serums on dead skin. Amiright?

Okay. So here's how. You'll need:

Table salt
Baby shampoo

That's it.

Simple Face Scrub
Take a palmful of salt in your hands. Don't get fancy. Use the cheap stuff.

Simple Face Scrub
Add in a small amount of baby shampoo. For me it's half a pump. You'll need a bit less than you think. Erm... well it's always a bit less than I think anyway. When I add too much shampoo I have to add in a bit of extra salt to keep it from being too soapy. You're aiming for more of a paste that you can scrub in there.

Simple Face Scrub
Mix it into a thick paste then slather and scrub your face. Don't get any into your mouth because it tastes naaaaaaasty. Ask me how I know... Rinse and enjoy your healthy glow!

I always finish with a little lotion to keep my freshly exfoliated skin from drying out.

Simple Face Scrub

If you're more into the store bought treats I loooove me the Ocean Salt scrub from Lush**. It has a moisturizer in it so it's a little more luxurious (and heavier) than my homemade version so I use it more like a treat than a regular scrub. But um... if you're wanting to get me something for Christmas. I wouldn't object to this, yaknow?

*Actually my eyebrows are tinted. It lasts a few days so it kiiiinda doesn't count?
**Not a sponsored post. I just like Lush. It feels weird that I have to add this as a disclaimer. Annnywaaaay... as you were.


  1. This looks amazing and so easy! :) The best kind of DIYS. I love Lush too!

    xx gee @ andgeesaid.blogspot.com.au

  2. Great idea! I have a baby on the way, so this is an excuse to get some baby shampoo early I guess and try it out! ;)

  3. I'm guessing this would work just as well with my cleanser also .. .. ..

  4. you're so gorgeous. I'm gonna try this, your skin is great!

  5. Paying attention to one's skin health is a must! Kudos to you for taking good care of your skin! A simple recipe can go a long way in terms of preserving your skins texture and color. Do you consider visiting professionals for regular treatments?

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