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DIY Play Kitchen

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My husband is a brilliant man. I mentioned that I wanted to make Audrey a play kitchen for Christmas. After a few drawings and after much discussion we settled on it delivering it sometime during Phil's vacation time (but wouldn't be finished in time for Christmas). I originally imaged something simple and wooden, without much detail. What we got, though, is a gorgeous miniature country kitchen that I am a little envious of. Phil built the frame out of new timber but the sides, benchtop, faucets, sink bowl, hinges, and doorknobs are all recycled materials. The sides are made out of wooden floorboards and the faucets were found in a trash heap (years ago! We've had them saved ever since). The sink is a metal bowl that I found at a thrift store. The bench top are two wooden shelves that Phil sanded down and fit together to make it deeper. The result is beautiful!

Audrey loves her little kitchen and faithfully makes me 'tea' and 'coffee' and 'dinner' all day long. She carefully lays out the dishes and pretends to wash her hands over and over. It's a treat to watch her play and enjoy something that we* made by hand.

Next is a stove/oven and a little pantry.

*Okay. Phil made it. I just stood around and clapped when things got particularly exciting. Also, I helped paint. But let's not get confused... Phil was definitely the brains AND braun behind this operation. MY HUSBAND IS AMAZING.


  1. Those hinges are STUNNING! What a clever man you have!
    P.s totally know how you feel about the standing and clapping part!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous! who wouldn't love it? well done you both :)

  3. Just amazing! What a clever guy you have!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

  5. Well done, Phil! And Talia. ;) Handmade gifts really are the best and most satisfying.

  6. This is just so gorgeous LOVE xxx

  7. I love everything! Especially the sweet little cook!

  8. Awww, so amaze! Sniff, for my lack of girls.......who am I going to give my jewellery to? I think about this pressing question too often for my ovaries

  9. So lovely to see it with its doors on :) I love the hinges! And to hear how she is delighted with it as much as you is wonderful :)

  10. This is so sweet, you have a talented husband for sure!

  11. That's one amazing guy you have there - such talent - it is a real work of art!

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